A Solid Track Record in Developing and Operating Tollways

MPTC is the largest toll road developer and operator in the Philippines in terms of vehicle traffic volume, revenue levels, asset base, and combined length of expressways in kilometers.

We are the first toll road developer to venture into the fast growing Visayas island, seen as a beginning to creating and building more toll roads in high-growth areas outside of Luzon.

We are the first Philippine company that now has significant stakes in two major infrastructure companies in two progressive countries in the ASEAN, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The business is now able to look further into its horizon as it expands its footprint beyond the borders of the Philippines and ventures into non-toll services.

The biggest private sector toll road developer and operator in Southeast Asia

METRO PACIFIC TOLLWAYS CORPORATION MPTC is leading other industry players in all financial aspects. It has posted over 13 Million pesos in revenues based on the 2020 audited financial statement.

MPTC handles 700,000 vehicles per day on the average during the pandemic and close to a million vehicles per day pre-pandemic.


We lead the Region in providing the ultimate mobility experience, through vital integrated infrastructure, powered by innovative technology, driven by sustainable operations and our highly engaged people. 


We bring good life to people, by enabling them to enjoy freedom of journey, and making every region accessible-through mobility infrastructure solutions and sustainable practices.



Metro Pacific Tollways Welcomes New President and CEO

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) announces a transition…

MPTC Champions an Integrated Approach to Smart Urban Mobility

Urban mobility that is economically- and environmentally sustainable and technologically efficient is a subject of increasing importance as cities globally adapt to post-pandemic needs, thus, the trending phenomenon of “smart urban mobility” that makes urban settings smart, synergized and sustainable. 

MPTC's Mobility unit serves highly mobile customers inside, outside its tollways

A new company is now actively serving the huge wants and needs of a widening base of customers inside and outside its network of tollways in Luzon and soon the Visayas, principally enabled by digital solutions and innovations.

MPTC is a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation

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