NLEX teams to undergo massive testing for COVID-19 to assure motorists’ health and safety

“We are conducting rapid mass testing starting 15 May 2020 for all our people with priority to the frontliners. We will see to it that only those who are cleared by the testing will face our customers. We are all geared towards keeping everyone safe during this health crisis,”

MPTC’s Resolute Response to Help People in the Pandemic’s Wake

Facing a pervasive crisis that has immobilized millions and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, one can be so overwhelmed by a sharp sense of uncertainty – even mortality — that one may just sink into resignation – and inaction.

WFH during the ECQ: MPT South Corp.’s Roberto Bontia

ENSURING the unhampered flow of cargo, essential food supplies and medical equipment on the southern expressways is Roberto V. Bontia’s commitment to the public during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) while working from home.